The McKelvey Foundation was started by Andy McKelvey, Founder and CEO of In 2000 Andy decided it was time to give back to the communities that gave him to opportunity to succeed as an entrepreneur. This is why we offer entrepreneurial minded students the opportunity to go to college without the burden of debt that so many face after graduation.

The McKelvey Scholarship

Are you the first in your family to pursue a college education?
That gives you a powerful advantage.
You have big aspirations and keep your eye on the prize.
The McKelvey Foundation celebrates that drive and determination by offering the First-Generation Scholarship to high school students whose resources may be limited, but whose ambitions are not.

The Entrepreneurial Scholarship

We know what it is to dream big – to have the vision, creativity and drive to convert a new idea into a thriving business. We also know what it takes to make those dreams a reality. The Entrepreneurial Scholarship celebrates high school entrepreneurs by awarding scholarship to those who realize just how possible the impossible may be.

New scholarships will not be awarded until further notice.

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