About Andy
A boy's dream becomes a man's mission.
In 1949, fourteen-year old Andy McKelvey purchased fresh eggs from a farmer in southern New Jersey and sold them from his wagon for a profit of 10 cents per dozen. That $3 a week profit would lay the foundation for a lifetime of entrepreneurial success.

While attending Westminster College in Pennsylvania, Andy reopened the local movie theater, convinced an art history professor to screen his fine arts series there, and made it mandatory for all art students to attend. In 1967, with neither capital nor clients, he founded Telephone Marketing Programs (TMP), focusing on the niche market of yellow page advertising. TMP would capture nearly 30% of the U.S. yellow pages advertising market and in the 1990s it expanded into recruitment advertising and became the acclaimed job search engine Monster.com

About The Foundation
Andy's entrepreneurial spirit had done well by him. And in 2000, he believed it was time to give back. The McKelvey Foundation was created to offer young people the benefits of a college education without the burden of debt many students face after graduation. The first year the Foundation was in operation, scholarships were awarded to 16 rural Pennsylvania students. During the second year, 140 scholarships were presented to students from Pennsylvania, New York and West Virginia.

In 2006, the Foundation introduced its entrepreneurial scholarship program, providing e-scholarships to 10 young business owners. In 2007, 52 students received e-scholarships, and in 2008 the goal is 100. All in all, the McKelvey Foundation currently supports over 600 students achieving a better future.

As Andy puts it, "Entrepreneurs take advantage of what many people don't even have the vision to realize or the dedication to pursue. From education, to the arts, to the business world, entrepreneurs have greatly impacted the world in a variety of ways throughout history. Many have built empires from scratch. Others have risked much in pursuit of a dream. All have managed to dramatically change both their own lives – and ours. Whatever it is, it's made you realize just how possible the impossible may actually be. All you need is the right mind-set and what I feel is the secret to success: timing.”